Relive Physical Therapy & Wellness

Meet our on-site physical therapist: Trace Barwick, PT

Tracie is originally from Palos Heights, IL and moved to Lemont in 2007 with her husband.  Tracie has two small children who keep her very active and on top of her game. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1998 with a Bachelors of Physical Therapy, Tracie began working at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in their inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation department.  There she focused on rehab of stoke and traumatic brain injury patients, spinal cord injury patients, wound care, and multiple other medical conditions.  After 6 years, Tracie made a shift  into outpatient orthopedic rehab, working at St. Josephs Rehabilitation and Fitness Center where she worked on problems concerning the jaw, spine, and the extremities. 

Tracie is extremely excited to have met Dr. Emini and Dr. Kim and to work so closely with doctors with a similar work ethic, knowledge base, and compassion in patient care. Her philosophy of patient care has always been to treat each new case as unique and to focus on the specific individual's needs and concerns. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and ALWAYS one-on-one.

With specialty training in Neurological Development Technique and Treatment (NDT), Myofascial Release and Graston Technique, Tracie uses a holistic approach to patient care with a return to pain free function as the overall goal. 

Whether you are suffering from foot pain or neck pain, Tracie is the premier physical therapy who can meet your specific needs!