Products We Offer

We offer a number of products for home maintenance that you can purchase during your visit. These products are available for your convenience and continuity of treatment. We only offer products that we believe in and have had first hand experience in their use. 

  • Walk Healthy line of hygiene products and self-adhering padding
  • Powerstep shoe inserts
  • Amerigel wound care ointment and wound care kit
  • Nail Relief All natural Professional topical anti-fungal nail preparation
  • Cuccio hand & body lotion in various scents
  • Feet First Buffing Pad
  • Formula 3  Professional topical anti-fungal nail preparation
  • Dr.'s Remedy All natural anti-fungal nail polish
  • Domeboro Salts
  • Seal-Tight cast cover and protector
  • Dr. Comfort Therapeutic and Diabetic shoes and inserts
  • Crocs Rx   APMA Appropved and US Ergonomics endorsed
  • Aetrex  Therapeutic and diabetic shoes and inserts
  • Sandalista The first sandal with built-in Lynco support that incorporates the benefits of the world’s most successful foot orthotic system.
  • Diabetic socks
  • Compression socks
  • Foam, felt and silicone padding for foot comfort and relief of pressure points
  • Various bandages and wraps for wound care


For ALL available products please visit our display case in the office