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Summer is on its way, the Fourth of July is coming up and beach weather has arrived. For many people, that means an out-of-town vacation is on the horizon.

As podiatrists at DM Foot & Ankle Associates, Dr. Michelle Kim and I know it's important to stay on track with your prescribed medications – even when you're out of town.

Keep the following tips in mind when traveling with medications.

  • When traveling by plane, bring your medications in their original bottles from the pharmacy. Especially when traveling abroad, this serves as a legal document when going through security and customs. Some countries may question the medication you bring, especially if the prescription is for narcotics or psychoactive drugs.

  • Take your medications as carry-ons. Checked luggage can get lost. Protect your medications as though your life depends on it – in some cases, it does.


  • For those traveling with diabetes, insulin can be kept at room temperature for one month. Those traveling with syringes should get a letter from their doctor explaining the needles are being used to deliver medication for diabetes.


  • In case medications get lost or stolen while traveling, visit your physician before you go to get a list of all your prescriptions and what they treat. If your medications are lost, you might be able to take the list to a doctor or pharmacy and get enough to last through the trip.

  • When packing medications, take as much as you need while you are gone, plus enough to last through an unexpected delay. Packing double the amount of medication you think you'll need is a safe bet.

  • Those traveling to more exotic parts of the world may need to get vaccines. Start early and contact a travel medicine clinic roughly six to eight weeks before you are scheduled to depart. Staff at such clinics know which vaccinations are required for which countries, and starting early is important because some vaccines take several weeks to work. Websites such as, the International Association of Medical Assistance to Travelers, have a search site where patients can look for a list of travel clinics in their area.


No matter where your travels take you this summer, we want you to stay safe and healthy. Call our Lemont office if you have questions about taking your medications on the road!


By Diana Emini