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Halloween is almost here, and that means it's time to shop for costumes for both you, your kids and even your pets. According to Google Shopping's data, this year's top costume searches include: minions from “Despicable Me,” characters from the TV series “Breaking Bad,” Miley Cyrus – thanks (or no thanks) to her performance at MTVs Video Music Awards and flapper garb inspired by “The Great Gatsby.”

The kids may be saying, “Trick or Treat!”  But Dr. Emini and Dr. Kim are wondering, “What’s on your feet???”  Wearing well-fitting, supportive shoes while doing your rounds around the neighborhood is important for both you and the little ones and will help prevent foot pain.

Here are a few tips from the staff at DM Foot and Ankle when shopping for shoes:

· Get both feet measured for length and width while standing – not sitting.

· Be sure to buy for your bigger foot. When purchasing athletic shoes, its OK to go up to one size larger in order to have one thumb's width from your longest toe to the end of the shoe.

· Toes should not feel crowded in shoes. The shoe should fit the width of your toes and have enough depth.

* Footwear should not bend or twist in half. Pick a shoe with a leather upper, a stiff heel, a good amount of cushioning and flexibility at the ball of the foot.

· Shop for shoes at the end of the day. Your feet are likely to be swollen, which will measure your true size better.

· While trying on shoes, be sure to wear socks that are the same thickness as those you plan to wear with the shoes.

· After trying on shoes, walk a few laps and avoid carpeted floors. If shoes aren't comfortable in the store, that won't change at home. There shouldn't be a “breaking in” period.

· If you wear arch supports or inserts, bring them with you when shopping. A well-built shoe typically has a removable insole that can be replaced with your own inserts.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Emini also advise patients at DM Foot and Ankle to give their shoes a chance to breathe by rotating their use. They also advise against wearing hand-me-down shoes.  When shopping, be sure to look for the American Podiatric Medical Association's seal of acceptance, which has been given to a  variety of footwear.

So if your daughter is begging you to wear those cute plastic Disney princess heels, you can tell her it’s “doctor’s orders” to wear their pretty pink athletic shoes instead.  Have fun costume hunting!

By Michelle Kim