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Open a magazine such as People or US Weekly, flip on shows such as “Fashion Police” on E! Or log on to Hollywood blogs such as Perez Hilton's, and odds are good that you will see actresses sporting tall, platform heels such as those by Christian Louboutin.

"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker, actress Jessica Alba and "Twilight" leading lady Kristen Stewart have all been spotted in the tall shoes with their trademark, red-soled platforms. But while the footwear may be fashionable among A-listers, did you know these shoes can earn failing grades for the feet?

Women who frequently wear high heels that are too tight and cause stress on the foot may be at risk for neuromas. It's a painful growth of nerve tissue in the foot, often between the third and fourth toes. A neuroma forms when bones in the feet press together and aggrivate the nerve between the bones.

The condition causes pain and discomfort, which can keep people from normal activities and even make walking painful.

Symptoms of neuromas include:

·         Sharp, burning pain in the ball of the foot, especially while walking

·         Tingling or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot

·         A feeling that there's a stone in your shoe or your sock is wrinkled

·         A painful lump

In addition to poor-fitting shoes, other factors can lead to a nueroma:

·         High impact sports such as running, skiiing or rock climbing. These activities are high-impact and/or require tight shoes, which can expose the feet to trauma and pressure.

·         Foot deformities. Those with hammertoes, flat feet or high arches may be more at risk

·         Injury. This can lead to a deformity that might make a neuroma more likely

Luckily, medication, shoe inserts, switching to shoes with good support and a wide toe box, physical therapy and cortrisone injections may reduce pain. When conservative measures fail, there are surgical options. At DM Foot and Ankle, Dr. Michelle Kim and I offer a minimally invasive option that leaves the nerve tissue intact. Traditional surgeries remove the whole nueroma.

If you are suffering from pain – whether it's from too-tall shoes or other issues – consult your doctor. Pain is never normal, and visiting our Lemont office can get you back on your feet and living pain-free.

By Diana Emini