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By Dr. Diana Emini
October 04, 2016
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BOO! Halloween is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to be caught with freaky feet! Here are some of our freakiest diagnoses and how they can be treated:

Bunions - Bunions a very common foot deformity. A bunion is an abnormal, bony bump that forms at the joint of your big toe. This deformity can be caused by heredity, improper fitting shoes or arthritis. Bunions can be treated by changing shoes, padding and strapping, medications,  cortisone injections, orthotics or surgical intervention.









Corns: Corns occur as your body’s response to friction or pressure against the skin. These can range from a slight thickening of skin to a painful, hard bump. They often form on the top of the toes at the buckled toe joints (hammertoes), but can also occur at the tips of or in between your toes. Corns should never be considered “normal” as they are usually an indicator of poor foot structure or poor biomechanics of the foot. You can treat your corns by changing your shoes, padding in the proper areas, orthotics or by a visit with your doctor. If they are caused by and  underlying structural problem, surgery is also an option.





Warts: Warts are a non-cancerous, soft tissue skin growth caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus invades through small or invisible cuts, cracks, fragile skin or abrasions. Over time, the wart develops into a hard, rough growth on the surface of the skin. You may experience a solitary wart which appears as a single lesion with distinct edges, or a mosaic wart which is a cluster of smaller wart lesions that combine to form one larger mass. Warts are most commonly seen on the bottom of the foot (plantar wart), but can appear on the top of the foot as well. They can be treated with topical medication, oral medication, laser, cryotherapy or surgical excision.



It may be freaky to experience any of these issues. If you or a loved one suffer from any of these, call DM Foot & Ankle Associates at (630) 863-7517 to schedule an evaluation with one of our podiatrists.