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By Dr. Diana Emini
September 29, 2016
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Does your child have a growth on their foot that resembles a callus? Have they been complaining of a pain similar to walking on a small stone? If so, it may be time for them to be seen by a podiatrist. Many times these lesions are not calluses at all - they are warts.

Warts are a virus that can be passed from person to person, or from an infected area to a person. Although some adults may find themselves to be victims of warts, they are more common amongst children. If your family has managed to stay away from warts, here are some tips on how to continue to prevent them:

  • Never Go Barefoot - Any common grounds have the risk of being infested by the wart virus, but community showers, pool areas and locker rooms are especially hazardous areas when it comes to warts.  Remembering to always have some sort of shoe gear on at all times is crucial in protecting you and your child from the virus.
  • Disinfect - Always disinfect any common grounds in your household. Since showers and bathroom floors are damp and warm, the wart virus loves to invade those areas. Be sure to always disinfect those common grounds after each person's use. You will also want to remember to disinfect your family's shoes nightly as this is a popular area for the wart virus to linger. We LOVE to use our Citrace Disinfectant Spray to take care of this job for us. It can purchased from our office for only $14.00+Tax.
  • Wash Regularly - Ensuring everyone is washing their hands and skin regularly is a must. By doing so, you are making sure the virus that you cannot see before warts appear has been killed. Using an anti-bacterial soap is ideal.
  • Keep Scratches or Cuts Clean - Even the tiniest of cuts and scratches can make a person more vulnerable to warts. If your child or someone else in your household has any open sores, make certain that they wash the area regularly with soap and water since open wounds are more susceptible to contracting warts.

Keep these tips in mind to help prevent you or your family from being wart victims. If you or a loved one are not lucky enough to avoid these pesky growths, call our office at (630) 863-7517 to schedule an appointment  to see a podiatrist for an evaluation of this issue.