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By Diana Emini
January 21, 2015
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Most people aren’t aware that there is a proper way to shovel. Well there is, and the technique that you use to shovel snow could either make or break your back! We’ve already had a few heavy snows this winter; make sure you’re prepared for the next time we get hit. Here are some quick tips from Dr.Kim and I that could save you a whole lot of trouble next time it snows.

First, the gear that you wear and use is important. Make sure you wear shoes or boots with good treads on the bottom to avoid slipping on ice and that your shoe gear is well insulated to keep your feet warm. Also, it is important to invest in a good pair of moisture wicking socks. In regards to your shovel, make sure  that you are using the right type of shovel. You want to use a shovel with a small lightweight, plastic blade and a curved or adjustable handle so that you aren’t straining your back bending over.

Secondly, warm up. It’s not just for the gym, a good warm up will get your blood pumping and make sure that your body is ready to go face the cold and start shoveling. Once you start, it is essential that you are using the proper posture.

Posture Tips:

            - Make sure you have a good foot stance: One foot facing ahead, one facing to the side

            -NEVER use your back, but instead use your legs as much as possible.

            - Don’t twist your upper body, try to pivot instead.

            -Do small loads of snow at a time

            -Push, rather than lift

Next time the snow is being stubborn and sticking around, make sure you know how to handle it in the most safe and efficient way.  At DM Foot & Ankle, we want to make sure that body isn’t compromised just so that you can have a clean driveway, so be sure to incorporate these techniques and shovel safely!