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By Dr. Diana Emini
July 09, 2015
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     Who doesn’t love a beach-bound vacation? The sun, sand, and warm weather are always a welcome break from the everyday grind of life.  You get to happily lounge around all day with your toes in the water, cold drink in hand, and not a worry in the world while soaking up the rays.
    With all of the recent studies about sun damaging your skin, most people have become much more aware of the risk of skin cancer in their everyday lives as well as at their destination vacations and as a result are remembering to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, feet are usually overlooked when it comes to protecting your skin.
    It is extremely important to apply sun protection to your feet to ensure that you don’t get burned or, worse case scenario, get skin cancer. Skin cancer of the foot is common and can be fatal if it’s not caught early enough. Melanoma symptoms can be subtle and can look like an abnormal mole or freckle, which can be easy to miss without routine foot checkups. It’s important to remember to apply sunscreen all over your feet, especially the tops and fronts of ankles, and to reapply after you’ve been in the water.
     If you are worried about an abnormal skin lesion, come in to get it checked out and stay on the safe side. We want you to enjoy your sun-kissed dreams and have a safe foot experience this summer.  Make sure your sunny vacation doesn’t turn into a bunch of doctor visits and remember to slather on the sunscreen before you lay out!