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It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, smoothies are always a quick, healthy solution to getting rid of your hunger. Dr. Kim and I love to have smoothies! In fact, we each make our own unique breakfast smoothie or shake almost every morning. It is a great, healthy way to start our day, and it keeps us nourished, energized and feeling great throughout the day! 

To make your smoothie prep easier, here are some of our favorite smoothie ingredients and tips!



When blending, the best order to add ingredients is: liquid, veggies, frozen fruit, powder or ad- ins, ice, fresh fruit.

Watch for sugar! We love frozen fruit in our smoothies, but fruit has a lot of sugar, so be sure to keep portion sizes in mind. Consider using berries instead of high sugar fruits.

Start with less liquid! It’s better to have to have less liquid because you can always add more in at the end.  If you have too much liquid you could end up over blending your fruit trying to compensate.

Organic fruit is the way to go! Organic fruit has much more flavor, and is better for you than regular fruit.

You can always substitute regular milk with coconut milk, almond milk, or even water!

Always add ice last! Ice should be one of the last ingredients you add in, if you mix it in earlier, your smoothie could turn out watery. Crushed ice is best.

It is National Nutrition Month, so here at DM Foot & Ankle Associates we are helping to educate our patients on living a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Kim, myself, and our staff strive to live healthy, well balanced lives incorporating healthy eating habits as well as physical activity. We encourage you to do the same! Stop  in our office this month to pick up a free copy of our DMFA cookbook that contains all of our favorite healthy recipe’s. Enjoy your smoothies!