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By Dr. Michelle Kim
January 03, 2017
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A new year can mean a new YOU. This year, keep these tips for your feet in mind to make sure you it’s started on a happy and healthy foot

Moisturize - The winter months bring dry winter air that can take a toll on the skin. Be sure to moisturize your feet daily to help avoid dry, cracked and irritated skin. Continue to moisturize in the summer months as well, but be sure your summer moisturizer contains SPF to further protect your feet from sun damage.

Exercise your feet - Do you experience muscle cramps? Stretching your feet is a great way to avoid this pesky discomfort. Try placing a small towel on the floor and using your toes to pick it up and hold it for 1 second. Repeat this at least 10 times for each foot. Rotating your ankles can also help relax feet. A great exercise to try is sit and point your toes towards you. Do not move your knees. Rotate your  ankles in a circular motion clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise 10 times.

Massage - Who doesn’t like a foot rub? Not only do they feel good, but they're also a great way to release tension, boost circulation and refresh skin after a long day on your feet. Take a few minutes at the end of your day to massage your feet. Use lotion and take care of  moisturizing at the same time!

Raise your legs - Feet and ankles can swell from sitting too long in one position or if you’ve been on your feet all day. Remember to elevate your legs to reduce swelling. Lay or sit and lift your legs above your heart.

Wear smart shoes -  we all know wearing the best shoe for your foot is sometimes easier said than done, but it is important! Your footwear should always have good arch support and a padded sole. A great way to test your shoes to see if they are supportive enough is to pick it up and try to bend the shoe at the arch. If the shoe bends, it does not provide adequate support. If it resists your pressure, you’re on the right track to a smart shoe.

Get help -  Feet shouldn’t hurt all the time. If you’ve kept up with these tips and you continue to experience persistent foot pain this could be an indication of injury, irritation or illness. Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit to see your podiatrist.

#WeTreatFeetOfAllSizes at DM Foot & Ankle Associates. If you, or someone you know is having foot or ankle troubles, don’t hesitate to see one of our podiatrists today!