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By Dr. Diana Emini
March 31, 2015
Category: Pedicures

While the fashions are always debated, as podiatrists, we know for sure that sporting Oscar-style shoes on a regular basis is a less-than-glamorous way to treat your feet. But sometimes there are occasions that call for these types of shoes. This is why celebrities prep their feet to make sure they’re looking and feeling great before a long night in heels or dress shoes.

So what is the key? Foot Spa’s and Pedicures! When you renew your feet with these kinds of treatments, they feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Celebrities only go to the highest quality salons where the nail technician uses sterile equipment and disposes of it properly, so make sure that the environment and tools are sterile before choosing a salon.

The process starts with a foot soak, which softens the skin and conditions the cuticles to prepare them for treatment. After soaking the feet, a foot scrub is used to exfoliate and treat callused, aging, or dry feet. Be sure to avoid using a foot razor to scrub off the dead skin, this can be damaging to the skin. The scrub is intended to soften and revives the skin while stimulating blood flow. The dead skin is taken off and the cuticles are then cut so that your skin is left looking healthy!

Following the scrub, a foot masque is used to help hydrate and detoxify the feet. Masques help to draw out dirt and to make the skin soft. After the mask is removed, be sure to slather on a foot cream. This will ensure lasting hydration and helps to repair dry, cracked skin. Finally, if you are going to wear polish, bringing your own color to the salon is the safest way to make sure that fungus and other infections aren’t spread. 

It is important to take care of your feet and an occasional pampering is necessary. So now that you know how to pamper your feet like the celebrities do, you can feel like a star too!

Taking a stroll down that infamous red carpet is not as easy as it may appear.  Millions of people are watching each celeb’s every move through the TV and critiquing their choice of dress, footwear, and hairdo.  Hundreds of photographs are snapping away to have these photos reprinted in magazines or displayed on websites for years to come.  No one wants to be the one on the “worst dressed” page!

Celebrities will prep for months in advance to get Oscar glamified, and in various forms of extreme:

  • Exercising at least 6 weeks in advance to get as toned as possible
  • Diets, detox, and near starvation to slim down
  • Visits to the dermatologist for laser zapping, tissue tightening, and Botox injections
  • Teeth whitening and brightening
  • Body treatments such as facials, massages, scrubs, and peels
  • Waxing and other forms of body hair removal
  • Spray tans to give the body a bronzed glow
  • IV drips of B12 and other vitamins for energy
  • Having a team of stylists choosing each item to be worn that evening

Let’s not forget about their tootsies!  Feet need prepping too. Dry heels will be buffed, and all toenails will be polished to perfection. Shoes must complement their outfit, and most females will forgo comfort for fashion this evening.  I wonder how many have considered dermal fillers such as Restylane to add cushion to the balls of the feet?  I can assure you that there will not be any signs of fungus,ingrown toenails infections, or warts visible on anyone’s feet this evening.  The feet usually are shown off in those stilettos, and any appearance beyond stunning is definitely not acceptable.  People still talk about this actress’ poor choice of heels!












What extreme would you go to if you were on the red carpet?  Would you find this and exciting or frightening experience?  I think in my case…  it would be a pretty fun night!


BY: Diana Emini