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By Dr. Michelle Kim
May 20, 2015
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Since it is National Fitness Health Month, it is important to be aware of how fitness affects your feet! The average person walks 10,000 steps per day. That is a lot of stress and pressure put on your feet, for this reason, it is important to have the right kind of shoes to support your feet throughout the day. There are different shoes for different activities, so it is important to choose shoes that are right for the type of exercise, sport, or activity that you are participating in!

The American Podiatric Medical Association stresses the importance of foot care in exercising. People don't realize the tremendous pressure that is put on their feet while exercising. For example, a 150-pound jogger puts more than 150 tons of impact on his feet when running three miles. Shoes that don't fit properly or provide adequate support, lack of stretching, and improper gait can lead to foot injuries or pain.

But before you can shop for the best shoe for your foot, you need to identify the natural inclination of your foot and gait. There are three basic foot types:

  • Pronators are people with relatively flat feet, caused by low arches, which generally leads to overpronation, or a gait in which the ankle rolls inward excessively. People with this foot type need motion control shoes that offer support for mid-foot. Motion-control shoes are more rigid and built on a straight last. Also look for a reinforced heel counter to maintain foot support and stability.
  • Supinators are people with high arches, which can lead to underpronation that places too much weight on the outsides of the feet. People with this foot type need stability shoes designed for extra shock absorption and often having a curved or semi-curved last. Also look for shoes that are reinforced around the ankle and heel to stabilize the foot and extra cushioning under the ball of the foot.
  • People with normal feet can wear any type of walking shoe, although a curved last is generally preferred.

Here at DM Foot & Ankle, we encourage you to have an active lifestyle that incorporates the proper footwear and healthy feet!