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By Dr. Michelle Kim
June 03, 2015
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 “With an increase of women in the workforce, there is a corresponding increase in overuse injuries and chronic foot pain. Custom dress orthotics are an essential part of the treatment plan for women’s foot injuries. It takes time, education and patience to deal with women’s dress shoes.”



Custom orthotics are prescription inserts that are specially made to support and comfort your feet. They are designed for your unique foot structure and pathology by a podiatrist.
Orthotic devices come in many shapes, sizes, and materials and fall into three main categories: those designed to change foot function, those that are primarily protective in nature, and those that combine functional control and protection.

While many people wear orthotics for gym shoes or walking shoes, dress orthotics are just as important for those standing on their feet all day in a professional environment! Orthotics are available for many types of dress shoes! They can generally be worn in closed shoes with a heel height under two inches. Combinations of semi-flexible material and soft material can accommodate painful areas and are utilized for specific problems.

Be sure to get your pair of custom orthotics soon! At DMFA, we have an orthotics special going on this month only! Call our office for details!

By Dr.Diana Emini
May 28, 2015
Category: Laser

With summer around the corner, everybody wants their feet to be in tip top shape! Unfortunately, foot fungus can be unsightly and a pain to deal with. If you have thick, yellowish-brown, chipped, or foul smelling toenails-then you may have foot fungus. It affects about 30 million Americans and can have serious consequences, especially for the elderly, diabetics, and individuals with immune deficiencies. The good thing is there is a quick and painless treatment available! While oral and topical treatments have a low clearance rate, laser is proven to be the least invasive and most effective treatment option with a high clearance rate! Here are some common questions about our laser:



Q:  Who performs the procedure?

        A: Either Dr.Emini or Dr.Kim will personally perform your laser treatment, provide recommendations post-treatment,                and monitor your long term progress.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

         A: The procedure can be performed in our office in as little as 15 minutes.

Q: Does it hurt?

        A:  There is minimal pain associated with the gentle laser light during or after your treatment. The laser does not            harm healthy tissue or affect your activity in any way. No anesthesia and no injections are required.

Q:  Is there a recovery period?

        A: No, the treatment does not harm you in any way. You will be able to put on your shoes and walk out of the         office  just as well as you walked in.

Q: What does the procedure cost?

        A: Each patient is dealt with on an individual basis depending on the severity of your condition. Call our office to get         an assessment today!

Fungal Toenails are not something to wait on. Fungus is contagious and can easily spread to other nails, causing further damage. If you think that you have fungal toenails then it is important to get them treated immediately and have clear, healthy nails in no time!

By Diana Emini
April 29, 2015
Category: heels

Fancy dresses, suits and ties, high heels and dress shoes. Prom Season is upon us, and it’s almost time to get all dolled up for the big day. But before you do, it’s important to keep some tips in mind:

  1. When picking out the proper heels, be sure to get a wider heel that is no more one to two inches in height.
  2. Wedges can be a good compromise between tall stiletto heels and flats.
  3. Make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable, since you will be wearing them all night.

It can be tempting to join the trend of dancing barefoot or taking off painful heels at the end of the night, but doing this can be a bit risky. Things like foot fungus and warts are rampant after prom season because of the massive exposure on the dance floor. Since there will undoubtedly be ladies (and guys) who take off their shoes at prom, make sure to check your feet about one month after prom for unusual growths like warts. If you choose to avoid the barefoot route, bring an extra pair of flats or socks to change into so you can dance the night away pain free!

By Dr. Michelle Kim
April 08, 2015
Category: Orthotics

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to shoes. Even though you may be able to pick your shoe size at the store, you cannot pick your shoe shape. Since shoes are made for a “generic” foot shape and size, this is where orthotics or shoe inserts come in handy. Most feet differ in shape, arch, width, and bone structure, so the generic shoe can be painful or even harmful to your feet. This is why orthotics are so important, they can be beneficial to any and all people.

What is an orthotic?

            An orthotic is a removable custom insole which provides pressure, relief, and shock absorption. Custom-made orthotics or pre-made shoe inserts are both commonly recommended for patients who are athletes, have diabetes, or many other foot issues including heel pain, flat feet, and bunions.

How can orthotics help me?

            Orthotics offer a high level of comfort and pressure relief. Since your shoes are not made specifically for your feet, orthotics can help to provide arch support and structure support by stabilizing, aligning, and cushioning the bottom of your foot. They help to normalize the fold across your feet and ease pain.

How do I get orthotics?

            You have two choices for arch supports; either pre-made or custom made. Pre-made supports are a great alternative with the right brand. They are not molded to your foot specifically but they can help with general foot issues.  Custom orthotics can only be ordered by a medical professional. They are custom made to fit your individual feet and address a number of issues including gait and structure problems, pain in the heel or sole, hammertoes, and even calluses. These can be tailor made to a specific sport or shoe, even if it’s a stiletto!

If you have never used orthotics, call us today and make an appointment to get fitted for your own pair of custom orthotics!

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, smoothies are always a quick, healthy solution to getting rid of your hunger. Dr. Kim and I love to have smoothies! In fact, we each make our own unique breakfast smoothie or shake almost every morning. It is a great, healthy way to start our day, and it keeps us nourished, energized and feeling great throughout the day! 

To make your smoothie prep easier, here are some of our favorite smoothie ingredients and tips!



When blending, the best order to add ingredients is: liquid, veggies, frozen fruit, powder or ad- ins, ice, fresh fruit.

Watch for sugar! We love frozen fruit in our smoothies, but fruit has a lot of sugar, so be sure to keep portion sizes in mind. Consider using berries instead of high sugar fruits.

Start with less liquid! It’s better to have to have less liquid because you can always add more in at the end.  If you have too much liquid you could end up over blending your fruit trying to compensate.

Organic fruit is the way to go! Organic fruit has much more flavor, and is better for you than regular fruit.

You can always substitute regular milk with coconut milk, almond milk, or even water!

Always add ice last! Ice should be one of the last ingredients you add in, if you mix it in earlier, your smoothie could turn out watery. Crushed ice is best.

It is National Nutrition Month, so here at DM Foot & Ankle Associates we are helping to educate our patients on living a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Kim, myself, and our staff strive to live healthy, well balanced lives incorporating healthy eating habits as well as physical activity. We encourage you to do the same! Stop  in our office this month to pick up a free copy of our DMFA cookbook that contains all of our favorite healthy recipe’s. Enjoy your smoothies!