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By Dr. Michelle Kim
June 15, 2015
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Children's feet come in different shapes and sizes, with varying conditions and physical needs.  Orthotics help to address those conditions and correct them in an easy, non-painful way.  They can improve improper foot alignment during everyday activities that your child may be engaging in, such as walking and running. Orthotic can also improve the overall alignment of ankles, knees, hips, and spine.

Kids just two years and older can use orthotics for conditions including:

                -Coordination                                        -Balance
                -Pain                                                      -Toe Walking
                -Moderate In-Toeing                              -Flat Feet
                -Foot Alignment Issues

At DM Foot & Ankle we have both custom and prefabricated orthotic options for children. Proper foot care is essential for both foot comfort and overall health which is why it is important that as a parent, you address any issues your child may be experiencing. Here are a couple of tips for you and your child to protect your feet this summer!

  1. 1.Don't go barefoot.
  2. 2. Shoes should be sturdy and bend only at the big toe joint.
  3. Break in new footwear gradually.
  4. Always get measured prior to buying new shoes.
  5. Try to wear cotton blend or wool socks.
  6. Wear the same type of socks while trying on new shoes.