Winter Socks
January 13, 2016
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Most people aren’t aware of the importance of a quality winter sock. Fungus, blisters, toenail infections, and more are directly affected by the type of socks that you wear on a daily basis. There are a few important things to note when choosing the right socks this winter.

1. Insulation is extremely important. Cotton socks don’t keep your feet insulated and fail at protecting your feet from the cold no matter how thick they are. Cotton socks soak in and retain moisture and end up expanding and becoming loose on your feet. You want to pick a sock that is going to insulate your feet and help keep them warm.

2. The type of socks that are guaranteed to help keep your feet warm are socks made of natural fiber blends such as wool, cashmere, or sheepskin. 

3. The socks that you wear should fit well and be thicker than the everyday sock.

4. It is extremely important to change your socks if they become moist or wet. The moist environment can be a breeding ground for fungus and cause circulation problems if out in the cold.

At DM Foot & Ankle Associates, we see many problems that can be avoided by simply wearing the right type of socks and shoe gear. So take control of your foot health today and start buying the right kind of socks and shoes for the cold winter weeks ahead!