Summer Laser
May 18, 2016
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Memorial Day is approaching and that mean many people in Lemont are making summer vacation plans.

Whether your travel plans call for a family trip to Six Flags Great America, North Avenue beach in Chicago or somewhere out-of-state, on thing you shouldn’t have to worry about this sandal season is being embarrassed by ugly, thick or discolored toenails.  

Show off your feet this summer by taking advantage of treatment for fungal nails in our office with our FDA-approved laser.

Few podiatrists in the area offer laser treatment for fungal nails, and Dr. Michelle Kim and I are proud to say that patients we’ve treated with the laser at DM Foot and Ankle have had great results!

Our laser treatment for fungal nails has several benefits. Among them:  

  • Treatment is non-invasive    
  • ·       There’s no downtime or side effects – you can drive home from your treatment and exercise, shower, polish your nails or go anywhere your feet would normally take you. 
  • ·      The procedure is quick – you can come in during your lunch break and be on your way. 
  • ·       It’s effective – Our success rate for treating toenail fungus with the laser is upwards of 85 percent! 
  • ·       Last but not least, the laser “cooks” the fungus, zapping it at its source.  New toenails should grow in clear!  

While there are other options for treating toenail fungus, we’ve seen that laser treatment is by far the most effective – and the most hassle-free. 

While there are creams and ointments for toenail fungus, the problem is that they must be applied twice per day for about a year. 

Meanwhile, oral medications – Lamisil is one that’s commonly recommended – require patients to undergo blood testing both before and after treatment.

Because these drugs interfere with liver and kidney functions, they aren’t recommended for patients who are taking other medications that clear through these same organs. 

In addition, oral and topical treatments don’t have success rates as high as the laser’s. Medications such as Lamisil are shown to only be about 55 percent effective at clearing up fungus, while creams and ointments have an even lower success rate. 

The effectiveness is just one reason we are so excited about this treatment.  Our laser has the most accurate pulse on the market. It can also zap stubborn warts that are not responding to other treatment. 

If you have toenail fungus, ask us about laser treatment and we can help get your feet ready for you travels! Summer in Chicago is short, show off your feet while you can without worry.