September 14, 2015
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Dr. Kim has lived in the Chicagoland area for her entire life, although her parents originated from South Korea. She has oftentimes wondered why she never moved to a warmer climate, as she is not a fan of the Chicago winters. She has three small children who keep her busy while not at work. During her downtime, Dr. Kim enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and trying out new restaurants with her friends. She admits to being a germaphobe and a neat freak, however due to having children, her house is not nearly as clean as it once was.

As a kid, Dr. Kim wanted to either be a doctor or a writer. She also wanted to be a cashier at Jewel because she thought she could keep all the money in the register. Her parents later informed her that this was not the case, which nixed that dream. Dr. Kim thought it might be fun to be the artist that painted all the billboards along the highway, until again she was told that those are not actual drawings. Since those career aspirations did not pan out for her, Dr. Kim happily pursued the medical field. Although she never originally thought about being a podiatrist, a recruiter for the field actually made this option very promising. The recruiter advised, “You are never on call, and you can make your own hours. As a female doctor, you can balance family life and work life.” That, and the combination of doing foot surgery with other aspects of general foot care sounded very appealing.

Being a natural nerd, Dr. Kim enjoyed studying for the four years of the podiatry medical school program and the years of surgical residency that followed. After all the hard work was finished, it has been really satisfying and gratifying that she has been able to open up her own practice with her partner, Dr. Emini. Together, they try to make DM Foot & Ankle a fun place to work at and hope patients think it is a great place to get their feet treated!