October 05, 2015
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Dr. Kim:  I will be interviewing you for this month's spotlight. Are you ready?

Dr. Emini:  It's really funny that you're interviewing me. I sure am.

Dr. Kim: When did you first know that you wanted to be a doctor?

Dr. Emini: Actually, my first memory of that was in third grade. I distinctly remember dressing up in a doctor's coat and saying, "I want to be a doctor when I grow up."

Dr. Kim: How cute. And here you are now, playing dress up every day. How did you get into podiatry as a specialty?

Dr. Emini: I remember taking my  grandmother to the podiatrist and thinking he was such a cool, great doctor. Prior to that, I had never really heard of podiatry or knew anything about it. I started researching more about it and thought it was a good fit for me. That, and the whole diabetes epidemic was intriguing.

Dr. Kim: Well, I personally think you are an excellent podiatrist. I may be a bit biased! Let's ask some fun questions. If money was of no object, what would you do with your life?

Dr. Emini: That's an easy one. I would travel the world in a private jet.

Dr. Kim: And I would have to join you. We could expand your horizons beyond the Palace Resorts in Mexico, as you have been there many times. What are some other interests and hobbies that you have?

Dr. Emini: Reading is a means of escape for me. Traveling, obviously. I love decorating and designing. In another life, I may have chosen a career in interior design.

Dr. Kim: You are a totally DIY'er! You've made your own soaps and have refinished your own furniture. Very impressive. What would you say is the first thing you notice about someone?

Dr. Emini: Honestly, it really is their shoes and feet. I almost got into a car accident once because I was mesmerized by how this one guy was walking down the street.

Dr.Kim: Well it's good that you have a five minute commute to work!

Dr. Emini: I love it. When I was going to the Scholl School of Podiatric Medicine, they decided to merge with Chicago Medical School and move to North Chicago. My commute would take two to three hours ONE WAY. I would leave at the crack of dawn, be in class all day, then leave at night. Some days I don't even remember how I got home because I was so tired. Then in residency, just after I had my first child, my commute was still about one to two hours each way. My dream, after six long years of sitting in traffic and spending hours upon hours in my car, was to open my own office nearby my home. So to make a long story short--I love my five minute commute!

Dr. Kim: Can you believe this is our 7 year anniversary? Lemont has been a great town to work in. The people and community are so nice. Thanks for choosing it for us!

Dr. Emini: It's been great and rewarding to see our practice grow from literally one patient in our first month while both us were pregnant at the same time and me being on bed rest to where we are now. It really gives me a sense of community because I live here and see patients from all over Lemont. It's been nice treating patients that my two sons go to school with. I'm happy I chose it for us, too.

Dr. Kim: Happy 7 years!

Dr. Emini: Happy anniversary!