March can be Madness on your feet!

March Madness has arrived!

While fans go into a frenzy rooting for the favorite team, the pressure is on for each player to perform at their peak. That includes proper conditioning, training, and athletic gear.

Did you know that the most common injury for basketball players is in their ankle or foot? Due to the jumping, sudden stops, and pivots, the foot and ankle are at high risk for ankle sprains, torn ligaments, strained muscles, and broken bones.

An important way to reduce these injuries is by wearing the right shoes.


Things to look for when picking out basketball shoes:
1. A wide toe box gives room for toes to move. Lack of space can lead to blisters, corns and calluses.
2. Proper length. Allow one thumbnail's width from the longest toe to tip of shoe
3.Heel fit should be snug with no slippage. The heel counter or back of the shoe should not bend.
4.Choose the right ankle height: low for speed runners, mid for versatile players, and high for those making a lot of sudden movements.
5. Basketball shoes have flat soles for improved traction.

6. The overall shoe should not bend or twist except for at the ball of the foot.

Don't let basketball wreak madness on your feet. Be proactive and choose the right shoes to support your feet and to keep you on the court!