January 26, 2016
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It’s important to keep jack frost from nipping at your toes this winter! With the crazy blizzard hitting much of the east coast this year, it’s essential that you are prepared to keep your feet protected from the cold. At any point in this cold weather, if you are planning to be outside for more than 10 minutes, you should take steps to protect your feet and keep them as warm as you can.

During the winter, we see cases of frostbite every so often. When exposed to extreme cold temperatures like we experience during Chicago winters, it can happen within minutes. Even in above-freezing temperatures, frostbite can occur when there's a strong wind chill. Frostbite is when your skin literally freezes.  It starts on the outer layer of your skin and penetrates deeper and deeper into your tissues.  If just the outside skin gets frozen, the damage is reversible and is called frostnip.  If it gets deeper, the frostbite can start freezing off your blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and bone.  This damage can be irreversible, and the body parts that die off may need to be removed.

Of course, this type of damage can be avoided with the proper foot care which includes wearing lined boots, socks that keep feet warm and dry, as well as avoiding staying in the cold for extended periods of time.Make sure to wear the right socks and boots, which are a vital investment to protect your toes.  Stay warm, everyone!