Chi-Town Rising!
December 23, 2015
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This year an exciting new event will be taking place on New Year’s Eve! Similar to New York’s ball drop, Chicago is hosting it’s own grand event called “Chi-town rising” with the main event being a gigantic golden star ascending the buildings during the countdown to midnight! This event is sure to attract many visitors and crowds downtown, along with many glam and sparkly outfits!

                We want to be sure that this New Years Eve you look your best, but also FEEL your best! How do you do that? Well, year after year, women opt for uncomfortable high heels to match their shiny, sparkly New Year’s outfits and end up in pain before the clock even strikes midnight! So we’ve put together some tips on picking the right shoes that will keep you on your feet and celebrating all night long!

                First, we advise women to avoid pulling out those six inch stilettos, but we know that many are reluctant to give up the high heels and would rather live through the pain in the name of fashion. We’re women, we get it. So, instead of the super uncomfortable stiletto, we suggest going for a lower, chunkier heel or wedge. This will help take some of the pressure off your feet and offer more stability while still looking stylish. Be sure to bring an extra pair of good-quality, oxford-type shoes that can be changed into later on so as to limit the amount of time wearing heels. After a night of high activity in high heels, wear more sensible shoes the following days to give your feet a break.

                Be sure to start this New Year fashionably, as well as comfortably and have a Happy New Year!