Celebrity Shoes
February 24, 2016
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    About a week ago, we watched celebrities gracefully gliding down the red carpet in their most stunning attire at the Grammy Awards. We saw everything from Taylor Swift's tomato red bandeau, hot pink skirt, and metallic stilettos to Lady Gaga's bright red hair that matched her crazy bright red shoes, they were no doubt, all dressed to impress. But the excitement is not over! There is another celebrity event around the corner!


    The Oscars are another highly anticipated event every year. They are known for their fashion, but along with fashion, always comes some kind of discomfort - because beauty is pain right? Well, in this instance a lot of discomfort and foot problems can stem from the type of footwear that is being worn at the Oscars. As women, we get the whole uncomfortable, stiletto shoes that show how fashion-savvy we are. But as podiatrists, we cringe at the sight of all the damage those shoes are doing. Stilettos, pumps, and 6-inch heels may look trendy, but in reality they are killing your feet causing bunions corns & calluses, hammertoes, neuromas, and even shorten your calf muscles!

Here are some tips on how to avoid these disastrous foot problems & still look fashionable:
1. When picking out the proper heels, be sure to get a wider heel that is no more than one to two inches in height.
    2. Go for a lower, chunkier heel; Wedges can be a good compromise between tall stiletto heels and flats.
    3. Make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable, since you will be wearing them all night.
    4. After a night of activiy in high heels, wear more sensible shoes the following days to give your feet a break.