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By DM Foot and Ankle Associates
February 07, 2017
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February is American Heart Health Month. To spread awareness, here are some surprising facts about your heart and it’s health.

  • The heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. It pumps about 2 ounces of blood out with every heartbeat, which can add up to at least 2,500 gallons per day.


  • The average weight of a heart is between 7 and 15 ounces. Your heart weighs about the same amount as an apple and is a little larger than the size of your fist.


  • Women’s hearts beat faster. On average, a woman’s hear beats 78 beats per minute while the male heart beats about 70 beats per  minute.


  • Heart disease is not only the number one killer of men, but for women as well. In fact, more woman die from heart disease than from most cancers combined.


  • Heart attack symptoms differ in men and women. When suffering from a heart attack men tend to feel chest pain that feels like an elephant is sitting on their chest, upper body discomfort, rapid heartbeat, stomach discomfort that may feel like heartburn, shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea. Women tend to experience unusual fatigue, sleep disturbances, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, indigestion, upper back, shoulder or throat pain, pain that spreads up to the jaw and pressure or pain in the center of their chest.


  •  The greatest potential risk factor for heart disease is your activity level. People with low activity levels are at double the risk than those who are more active.


  •  Depression increases risk for a heart attack, especially in women. Women ages 55 and under who suffer from depression are more than twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, die of heart disease or require an artery-opening procedure.


  •  The beating sound your heart makes is the clapping sound of the valve leaflets opening and closing.


  • The heart has its own electrical supply and will continue to beat when it is separated from the body.

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