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By Dr. Michelle Kim, DPM
July 20, 2016
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Summer is in full swing which means many of us will be enjoying time away while on vacation. Don't let one bad choice ruin your entire trip. Here are some healthy travel tips to keep in mind when traveling this summer:

  1. Wear sunscreen - Remember to always apply sunscreen if you plan to be outside no matter what the activity may be. DON'T forget about your feet, they need sunscreen love too! The skin on your feet is very delicate and extremely prone to sunburn and skin cancer.
  2. Eat right - Be sure to eat vitamin rich foods in the days leading up to your vacation and while you're on vacation. Pumping your immune system with all the right vitamins will help boost it and combat against germs and contamination you typically would not come in contact with.
  3. Choose the right shoes - We've all been victims of poorly fitting shoes. Don't let this mistake ruin your vacation. Avoid wearing flimsy flip flops and wear a sandal with a supportive arch and adjustable straps instead. If you're not the sandal type, make sure you are wearing a good, supportive athletic shoe. No matter the type, your shoes should never bend at the arch. Try your shoe gear out around the house before heading on your journey to ensure you've got a good fit for your trip.
  4. Keep prescriptions close - Be sure to always have your prescriptions conveniently located when traveling. If you will be flying, make sure you bring them on your carry on or purse. There is always a chance that you may need immediate access to these.
  5. Don't go barefoot - It's always tempting to go barefoot while on vacation. Sometimes it isn't even something we think about, like when going to the pool. Don't make this mistake. By going barefoot you are risking your chances of foot and toenail fungal infection as well as debris getting imbedded in your foot.
  6. Be a clean freak - Protect yourself from germs and contamination. We suggest always having sanitizing wipes to wipe down all common surfaces. You should even go as far as bringing protective booties to the airport to slip over your feet after taking your shoes off for security check. By doing so, you'll be protecting yourself from the contaminated surface that everyone walks on. If you are sick, you may want to consider bringing a mask to wear over your nose and mouth to prevent the spreading of germs.
  7. Stay hydrated - Fight dehydration and exhaustion by drinking lots of liquids. Avoid sugary, high caffeinated beverages as these tend to dehydrate you. Water and coconut water with no sugar added will be your body's best friends when traveling.


Keep these healthy travel tips in mind and you are sure to worry less and have more fun while on your vacation. Happy safe travels to all!