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By Michelle Kim
April 11, 2014
Category: proper footwear

If you're a mom or dad who's not heard about Reddit – an entertainment, social networking and news website where registered members submit content – just ask your kids.


Recently, the site gave us older folks some insight into young minds by asking: “teens of Reddit, what’s cool nowadays?” Within hours, more than 14,000 people replied.


The list of what's hip has made news since then, and it covers a range of topics. In case you're wondering what teens think is trendy, the list includes the Disney movie “Frozen,” “hating on Facebook,” E-cigarettes (the controversial alternative to traditional smokes;) photo-and-video-sharing sites Vine and Instagram and“being smart.”


As podiatrists at DM Foot and Ankle Associates, we were happy to see that certain footwear also made the list of what's cool. No. 12 on the survey was Ray-ban sunglasses, Doc Martens boots and Converse sneakers.


While plenty of parents likely laced up a pair of Docs in high school or college (and may still have a pair of Chucks in their closet today,) these shoes meet some of the guidelines that Dr. Diana Emini and I advise patients to follow when they visit our Lemont office.


We recommend flat shoes with a heel height of one inch or less – they are the healthiest for your feet.

We also favor laced versus slip-on shoes because they provide a more secure fit and can better accommodate insoles, orthotic devices and braces.


In addition, we tell patients to look for shoes with soles that are shock-absorbing and skid resistant, such as rubber, rather than smooth leather, as well as shoes made of soft material that has some give.


After all, the Reddit list says being smart is cool, and no matter what your age, those who take care of their feet by looking for sturdy, safe footwear will hopefully avoid pain, injuries or damage.


Call our office if you need advice on picking the right shoes. Even if it didn't make the Reddit list, being healthy and making smart choices about your shoes is definitely cool, too.


By Michelle Kim


In the middle of winter, your shoes of choice right now may be snowboots and Uggs. But with Groundhog Day approaching on Feb. 2nd, we hope it won't be long before you can get outdoors and enjoy warm-weather spots such as Navy Pier, the Brookfield Zoo or Lemont's Centennial Pool.


As the seasons change, so do many people's footwear. Unfortunately, at DM Foot and Ankle Associates, Dr. Diani Emini and I see many patients with foot pain or injuries from wearing the wrong shoes.


Here's a look at a few popular shoe types, and some of the ways they can harm the feet.


Ballet flats

Problem: These simple slip-ons may feel comfy, but they don't support the feet and can lead to pain.  They lack arch support and typically have very little insole padding.  People think because it is not a heeled shoe, it is better for them, but this super flat shoe is sometimes just as bad.

Solution: We have dressy fit orthotics that can work in the littlest of shoes.



Problem:  These tall, trendy shoes are stylish. But the price of looking good has its downside:  the narrow forefoot cramps those toes and can cause worsening of bunions and hammertoes.  The skinny heel does not offer much in balance and throws all the weight of the foot on the ball – causing neuromas and other joint inflammatory conditions. 

Solution:  A chunky heel or wedged heel are better optionsbecause they have more surface area and re-distribute the weight more evenly. Don't be fooled – these shoes still place stress on the ball of the foot, but the risk or tripping or spraining an ankle may be reduced.  Save the stilettos for those special occasions only.


Worn-out shoes

Problem:  Those pair of running shoes you’ve had for years or the old Chuck Taylors you keep wearing can make existing foot problems worse.  Just because they look OK on the outside doesn't mean the inner lining and overall structure of the shoe are still in good condition.  Most likely, they are worn down and are not offering you any shock absorption or support.

Solution: Thow away that too-old pair of shoes. If you need advice on finding a new pair, simply ask one of us at DM Foot and Ankle, or visit a store that specializes in running or walking shoes.


Flip flops

Problem:  These easy to slip-on sandals lack support, and your feet have to work extra hard to keep them on.  Over time, these can cause foot pain or tendon strain.

Solution: Choose a pair of sporty, fitted sandals that have a built-in arch support with a rigid sole.  While you shouldn’t go walking long distances in these, they are a great alternative to those rubber thongs that so many people love.


By Michelle Kim