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By Dr. Diana Emini
May 13, 2015
Category: Sports

Any athlete knows that the shoes you wear are an important part of your gear. Shoes can impact your performance as an athlete, which is why it’s extremely important to pick the right type of shoe for the sport that you play.

If you are a basketball player, it is important that you wear shoes that have dense, abrasion resistant soles that are low to the ground for better traction and support. Since ankle sprains are a common injury in basketball, it is important to wear shoes that have high ankle construction to support the ankle during quick changes in direction.

For baseball players, athletic shoes should have a roomy toe box that give your toes enough room to wiggle, but look for a snug heel to help keep your foot stable. Inadequate stretching, improper shoes, and repeated motions lead to the most common foot problems that occur among baseball players, such as achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains, and bone fractures. Remember to replace your baseball shoes after 70 to 75 hours of active wear. If wearing cleats, be sure to give yourself time to adjust to cleats by wearing them on the designated surface.

Soccer players should be sure that their cleats feature the stud type for the ground that will be played on most often: soft, hard, or firm. Also, the shoes should not have more than a half inch of space between the big toe and the end of the shoe (According to studies from APMA).

For football and lacrosse players it is important to have high ankle support for quick foot movements. It is also important to allow for proper traction on a grassy field, in both wet and dry conditions. This will largely help to prevent injury.

Footwear should be given the same consideration as any other piece of sporting equipment. Sports shoes should protect as much as possible, be durable, and should be right for the sport and surface. If you are injured during sports, don’t ignore your pain, be sure to get you feet checked out so you can keep performing at your absolute best.